Since the industrial revolution and the introduction of world standard time there has been what must amount to a seismic shift for our psyches, from a rhythm intrinsically linked to the natural world to one almost entirely dictated by the clock. A new external force of control is at play. “Domestication goes under many guises, and is tied up with our own closely-clutched wounds and conditioning. Perhaps a process of unlearning must come first, a conscious retreat from consumer mentality and a step by step reconnection with the deep pool of unhindered energy that is our wild nature” [1]


My photographic practice is broadly rooted in questions about the domestication of our innately wild natures. I am interested in what unites us, the common threads of emotion; fear; longing; love and loss. My photographic practice has a simple documentary form and at the same time it is a constructed fiction, holding ideas and references that are perhaps more universal than personal to the subject photographed.


I am currently studying an MA in Photography at Plymouth University working with Liz Nicol,Liz Wells, David Chandler and Jem Southam. Before the MA I have worked for twenty years in the documentary and natural History film industry as a camerawoman, sound recordist and producer, living and working extensively Africa. Alongside my film work  I have maintained a commercial photographic practice, working privately for charities and NGO organisations as well as working with Magazines and Newspapers.


2016 Lens Culture Portrait Awards top ranked entries

2016 as part of Pride  my "Proud" multimedia installation is featured

2017 Enmap (European Network of Master Studies in Photography) Wild at Heart series selected as part of this pan European show, to exhibit in various European cities in 2017

2017 Nexos - New Perspectives in European Documentary Photography, exhibiting and speaking about the series Wild at Heart in Valencia as a part of Photon (international festival of photojournalism)

Royal Photographic Society Journal Class of 2017 Featured artist alongside four other MA photography 2017 graduates